Alexei Kostroma: „The idea of figurative numerical painting has a triple origin. Firstly, it is based on my theoretical work “The Spiral-Driven Development of Colour” which develops the results of a long study of the laws of colour. Secondly, it is part of a quest for a new language in painting that would be truly contemporary. And thirdly, it is meant as an alternative to digital computer painting where images are decomposed into pixels rather than figures ….“
„Each colour figure can develop in shades towards black or white. Thus, the entire visible part of the spectrum can be translated into figures which allow a refinement of colour, i.e. one can paint in numbers.“

The talk LICHT - ZEIT - FARBE is part of the exhibition TIME OF PIGGY at 401contemporary (until 18 June 2016).

Your are cordially invited to experience Alexei Kostroma with Dr. Britta Kaiser-Schuster on 9 June at 7 p.m.

The Talk is in german language only.